Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas
and happy new year!

As Christmas is approaching, I'd like to be the very first to send my Christmas wishes.

May the peace and joy of Christmas be with you today and throughout the New Year.


A present from me is on the way, so I hope you'll like it, and I hope that it contributes in making your Christmas a pleasant one.


May the Blessings of Christmas be with you today and always.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful Holiday Season.


Wishing you lots of love, joy
and happiness.

Our warmest thoughts and best wishes for a Happy New Year.


As the chime of church bell echoes all around, and prayers reach God.

May happiness follow you wherever you go!


Christmas is a time to enjoy good food and wine! Good memories and friendships are renewed, love is all around!
Christmas greetings my good friend!

Best wishes to you and your loved ones.


Merry Christmas!

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